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Why do our bodies hate us?!


So my works going through a restructure and voluntary redundancy is up for grabs! I've been looking at trying to get a less stressful job before my IVF starts anyway so seems like this has happened for a good reason!

I need to confirm this choice with HR asap and the only thing I've been waiting on is the appearance of AF...(the chance of conceiving naturally is going to be very slim but I'm still hoping, and the medium psychic I saw last month said I'll have all 3 of my babies without IVF so that did it for me ;) )...but shes 3 days late...

I normally have a fairly regular 28 day cycle, and for the past ones that have been nearer 31/32 there has always been definite brown spotting before, but this time there's been minimal when i wipe and that's it (TMI!!)

I had some spotting a week before AF was due but I've taken a test and it's negative :-(

I'm not even really sure why I'm writing this...maybe I'm hoping that in some twisted way it'll encourage AF to show because I'm getting my hopes up...and at least then I can request my redundancy and have a nice holiday!!


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Aw hun I think we all get our hopes up that it will happen naturally so we don't have months of being pin cushions and hormonal messes!! The spotting the week before could be implantation and it could just be that your hcg levels are taking a while to rise so keep positive. But we also know AF us a witch and always hides when we want to see her most! Sadly only time will tell but I will keep my fingers crossed for you to get a BFP ❤️

LiLi19 in reply to Jonesjp

Thank you so much for your reply :-) Typical when we want her she plays tricks ;)

I just hope I don't make the wrong decision about redundancy...but my partners told me I'm not allowed to worry about anything any more so I'm just going to 'wing it'...hee hee!! xx


Hi LiLi19. Just wanted to wish you well with your brave decision to take voluntary redundancy. Hopefully you will find a nice, less stressful post somewhere. Hoping that AF stops playing you up and that you soon get some good news on the pregnancy front. Diane

LiLi19 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you Diane!

I have everything crossed for both :-) xx

Just wanted to wish you luck for your job and that AF either shows up or you get some good news. I hate this time of the month, mines late to and I'm trying to avoid thinking about it to stop myself doing a test and being disappointed seeing another negative xx

LiLi19 in reply to E_05

Thank you!

Everything crossed for you...it's so awful isn't it: if it's not good news just show up AF so i can commiserate with the wine & stop with all the playing games!!

Yes negatives are the worst, don't know if you ever get used to them :-(


E_05 in reply to LiLi19

Very true I don't think you do, it's strange really we spend all our time when ttc naturally hoping it won't show up then when we're due/started ivf we want it to..no wonder we go crazy through all this lol xx

LiLi19 in reply to E_05

Ha ha ha exactly!! xx

Well for me hate is an understatement. But yes I quit my job 2 years back to try and focus at this . And it's really really hard . There r most bad days or worst days. And unfortunately it's not happened for us As yet . But I'm trying to brush off d dust and keep going at it whether this or that way .All I can say is that it ain't gonna be easy . But there's always a sacrifice made for a greater cause . And I can't think of any better reason .

All d bee best dear


LiLi19 in reply to tiger-cub

Thank you and you're definitely right there!

Good luck to you too! xx

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