Ttc after endo surgery and Prostap

Hi, I'm not sure if I should post here or endo group.

I had stage 4 endo removed 1 week ago and had my last Prostap injection 2 weeks ago. (I've had 3 injections in total)

Surgeon believes I will probably need ivf tc but the next 3 months are my best opportunity to get pregnant.

But I'm now reading online that you should wait for first period, then other place that you should wait 100days and other place that say Prostap is not a Gnrh that stays in your body to long.

Some say that Prostap can cause fetal abnormalities and other say there's no evidence. Has anyone any clue what the right thing to do is?

Thank you x

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  • Same. I had stage 4 removed and a 3-month Zoladex implant late February (still no period though). Know it's a slightly different drug, but it can stay in my system too. I drove myself crazy googling, then just decided to go with what my doctor told me - start trying after my first period, but if I get pregnant before my first period, then that's great. No more Google.

    The wait is certainly annoying, but we've been trying diligently anyway.

    Another thing that helps is that I've been picturing my endo melting away from places it's not supposed to be and moving to my womb. I've reached the point where I truly believe it is gone and won't come back. Also my acupuncturist told me she can keep it from returning. It's amazing how we can have mental power over these things. I encourage you to try it if you haven't already. Hope this helps a little :)

  • Thanks, I was actually going to see an acupuncturist, that specialises in fertility, she talked a lot to my friend about visualising the endo disappearing, and her eggs developing strong and healthy.

    Morning get look into endo diets see if they will help as well.

  • I don't know about the Prostap but my friend is 5+6 after having a lap to treat stage 3 endometriosis. This was conceived on the second cycle after her lap using the sperm meets egg plan. She had been ttc for between 12-18 months before surgery xx

  • Hi Plbakker95.Oh I do hope that this round of surgery finally sorts you out! Prostap can be given to last 1 month and another can be given to last 3 months. Once you then have a period, you should be at your best. Keeping everything crossed that you are finally on top of this particularly nasty problem. Good luck! Diane

  • No idea about prostap sorry.

    I had I laparoscopy this week and my consultant found and removed a small amount of endometriosis from the pouch of Douglas.

    I hope the surgery brings you a positive test soon. x x x

  • Hi dear I agree with Diane here. Plus When u have Prostap it's basically shutting down ur fertility organs to give them rest so that they can heal well. Once u finish ur course ur body will resume its period gradually and then u can start trying as that's supposed to be d best time when ur endo is not active and recreating any hassles . So calm down and enjoy this endo free time . Bcoz as an endo sufferer myself I know d feeling of not having any symptoms feels awesome.

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