⭐️ Edited at the bottom of post ⭐️ Clinic this morning. Follow up appointment

Last night we tested our new outside light in the back garden and it was evident that a cat has been in again; our baby's tree had been dug at! It had knocked our stones aside with our names on them and the little cherub we'd placed with the tree was covered in soil. I tidied it all as best as I could at 11pm and spent the next two hours lying awake researching ways to keep the cats off the garden! So all in all I didn't sleep too well last night... It also began to weigh heavily that this morning we will be back at the clinic for the first time since we were told the baby's heartbeat had stopped about 8 weeks ago. I know I'll relive it again today. To say I have mixed feelings about our appointment this morning is an understatement.


I got a bit emotional but I guess that was inevitable. Overall it was a positive appointment. I'm opting for another endo scratch on cd21 of next cycle (currently cd22 of this one, annoying I could have had one yesterday if I'd booked this appointment sooner lol). The following cycle after the scratch I have opted for a "natural" frozen transfer. I use the term loosely because although I won't down regulate this time, I will have patches to support my lining (same as last time). I just can't put myself through anymore Buserelin headaches this time! If we do get another bfp I will also have to have a daily injection of Lubion alongside the pessaries. And I will have the trigger shot before transfer too. So all in all, although the next cycle will involve more scans (one every 2/3 days from cd10 until transfer) I'm feeling more relieved. We were assured of the great quality of our three remaining frosties so that's another ➕

Frustratingly there still seems to be some confusion over our funding. We told the clinic the ccg had reimbursed us for our last fet and that we should be covered for our remaining three. That we should have been covered for all frozen embryos resulting from our first cycle. I just don't understand the lack of communication between the ccg and our clinic?! It makes a stressful situation that little bit more stressful 😕 xx

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  • Good luck today. Hopefully you'll have a plan by the end of it and feel more positive xx

  • All the best Tugsgirl. Will be thinking of you!xx

  • Will be thinking of you today❤️❤️❤️Xx

  • All the best for today- hope it goes well. x x x

  • Hi Hun

    Black pepper keeps cats away but that only work if the rain doesn't wash it away....

    But it defo works xx

    As for the loss of ur little one... even if you do get an explanation it still won't give you closure that's the hardest part.

    Life is cruel without concern or explanation.

    Hugs xxx

  • Thank you for the tip. I'll try anything to stop those pesky cats from digging near my baby xx

  • Cats also hate citrus fruit, so burying some orange peel or dabbinh essential oil around might help. Xx

  • Worth a try 😊 xx

  • Hope everything goes okay for you today, it will be painful but may help you with healing process. As for the cats... I'm sure I have read somewhere that you can buy lion pee to keep them out! Or empty pop bottles filled with water... I love cats but they can be a nuisance when let outside xxx

  • Thank you. I'll try that xx

  • Good luck today lovely, I found it quite hard when I went back for my counselling session, but after about 10 minutes I just felt like we were back on the rollercoaster 💜 hope it all goes well today xxxxx

  • Thinking of you Tugs and hope there is a glimmer of hope to take away from all of it.

    Cats hate citrus smells, so you could try orange essential oil??

    Sending hugs xxx

  • Thinking of you today xx

  • Hi Tugsgirl, Amazon do cat scarers. If you search for metal cat scarers they will come up. We had a problem with cats in our garden and I bought some and we never have cats now. They are black cats with marble eyes which I think is bit that the cats don't like.

    Hope everything goes ok at clinic today x

  • Sorry to hear about the cat Hun, I hope you can find a solution. Hope today goes ok and you come away with a plan so there's something positive rather than only upsetting. Lots of love xx

  • Good luck for today!

    Re the cats, my mum used to breed them and she always told me white pepper! I think it makes them sneeze and gets on their paws so it tastes awful. Worth a try x

  • Best of luck flower xxxxx Citronella helps with cats 🐱 they hate it xxx

  • Have edited my post to let you know how I got on today.. Thank you everyone for your support xx

  • That all sounds very positive - sorry to hear about the funding problems, hopefully it will all get sorted without any further stress leaving you to concentrate on your Frosties xx

  • Thank you 😊 xx

  • Lots of very positive things in there Tugs. If you can just sort the funding issue out, you will be set to go with no reason why it shouldn't work out for you.

    I have everything crossed - you so deserve it xx

  • We gave them the ladies name and number from our ccg but their head of funding and finance at the clinic is on holiday until next week. Hopefully it will all be in place by cd21 of my following cycle when I go back 🤞 xx

  • Sounds promising, the cycle I have done was using patches and on lubion injections it's my test date tomorrow xx

  • How are the Lubion injections? I've never had them before. If you get your bfp tomorrow (🤞) how long will you have to take them for? xx

  • They haven't been to bad, the area gets a little sore but think I am running out of spaces around my patches that I haven't jabbed. I had them from 5 days before transfer and if it's positive I have to take them until 7 weeks.

    Little tip for the patches use baby oil on cotton wool to get the sticky marks off your skin xx

  • I've taken the patches on both cycles but thats a great tip! I just waited weeks for them to fade out lol xx

  • Ha ha the nurse told me and it works a treat x

  • Wish I'd known that before scrubbing my skin to no avail in the bath lol xx

  • All sounds good.

    Funding problems r always r crucial but am sure ull sort it out .

  • Thank you x

  • Sounds like it's been an emotional day for you both! You've had some good news though, and a good positive plan going forward! You'll be counting down till your new bun comes too!!😄xx

  • Just want to get started now, get it over with lol. Just under two weeks until we collect Otto 😊 xx

  • Oh that's not long to go!!xx

  • Wishing you every success this round ❤🌈💋

  • Good luck for ur next round! 🍀 🍀 🍀

  • Hey Vicky was thinking about you yesterday , glad you feel positive after your apoint. We had ours today . Like you I felt a bit teary going to the clinic but we felt the apoint went well. We have one Frostie left and we going for another medicated transfer and I start in about 2 weeks! Here we go again eh? Please god this our time xxxxx 💚💚☘☘

  • I opted for a more natural cycle, no down regulating because I just couldn't face the headaches from the Buserelin. Will you be down regulating for a month? I couldn't have started on CD1 (in about a week) but I'm having the scratch again. Will you be having one?

    I hope your remaining frostie is the one Emma! xx 🤞

  • Thanks Vic I remember the hard time you had with the headaches so totally see why you going more natural. I'm not getting the scratch no as implanting doesn't seem to be an issue ( saying that now that will prob be the prob this time😂😂) I just take progynova for 12 days once I get my period , then that and progesterone for a week then Frostie put on board! X

  • Wow that's quick! When do you think transfer will be? xx

  • I know ! I was like wow this is quick , if my period arrives on time I'm looking at transfer around 5th July X

  • And if mine is on time then mine will be around the start of August so we won't quite be cycle buddies xx

  • Ah no way, who is going to keep me sane? 😂🙈 lucky we have lots of support here too eh? Xx

  • We have a little green box that you charge via a USB and when cats come near it sends some noise out only they can hear and makes them not even come in the garden - google it not sure what it's called but it works a dream x

    Our dog seems able to hear it but it doesn't bother him.

  • I've seen those but I haven't been able to find out if they bother rabbits? x

  • Ooh good thought I hadn't considered rabbits maybe see if there are any reviews on them or Q&A from the manufacturer

  • I'll have to have a look 👀 😊 x

  • They are great for getting rid of cats out old neighbours has 5 cats and my dog had one by the tail in the garden once - this worked a treat kept all parties happy and safe lol

  • Well if they're ok for bunnies it would kill two birds with one stone so to speak x

  • Haha absolutely lol

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