SM found

Hello ladies!

Couple days ago, I got a message from my clinic!!! I waited for this news for two months! Finally, they found us a surrogate mother!!! Now it's time to synchronize our periods...So happy to know that the process started. I was very nervous while waiting updates from our manager! I was so crazy about waiting....I messaged her every day and I'm grateful she answered me and let me know about every step of searching! She said that usually they found SM earlier then 2 months, but this time there are many clients and even the queue of them was formed...That's why the search was a bit late..

Actually I didn't expect such surrogacy boom in Ukraine...but maybe it means that the clinic is even more popular than I thought....

Anyway Now I hope that my ovaries and oocytes won't screw up...Wish me luck, girls....

love you all xxx

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  • Hi Madeline 90. Indeed, I wish you and your surrogate massive luck, with a positive ending. I have met several surrogates, and they were all amazing dedicated women. Diane

  • Wish you a very good luck and lots of hugs :)

  • Wonderful news! xx

  • Exciting news! Good luck 🍀 X

  • Great news and exciting you will now get started xx

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