Feel so flat

So I have just booked my first appointment at St Marys Manchester. This is for bloods and a scan and my partners test. Does anyone know what the next step is after this?

We already know after three samples from our local hospital that my partner has virtually no sperm. Very very low. After reading a few forums I am now concerned about what our options will be.

Has anyone got any advice for what to expect next


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  • Hi Lauren. Just to send you lots of love and to encourage you to wait to see what they say at the appointment. Hopefully the sperm your partner has, although a low count, are normal and they can choose the best ones under the microscope and do the ICSI form of ivf. If you have no issues (and aren't an older lady like me!) then hopefully you would have a really good chance..but just need to wait for their expert advice/opinion. Hang on in there, much love xx

  • Thank you, do you know what would happen after these initial tests?

    Would the next step then be to see the consultant? x

  • Yes, or one of the senior doctors, to discuss your tests and what they think the best options are x

  • thank you :-) x

  • how are you getting on with your treatment? Coracle

  • Hi Lauren. Thanks for asking. We are having a donor egg cycle, and heard yesterday that we have 8 fertilised eggs so that is great. I am drugged to the eyeballs and tomorrow morning we hear how the embryos are doing.. hopefully a really good one to grow on to day 5 or day 6, and some good ones for the freezer! x

  • Good luck I hope it works xx

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