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Hi! I'm new here. Need some piece of your advice. My husband and I were trying to conceive, but something went wrong all the time. Our doctor said that I have a problems with my ovaries, which is the reason for bad fertility. He prescribed a special treatment for me, but I'm so afraid it won't help. What should we do if so? Maybe, some of you had the same problems?

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  • Hi, dear. So sorry for your trouble. But please, don't be afraid! How long have you been taken your treatment?

  • Hi, I'm taking medications for about 2 months

  • Hi Linda98. Not too sure what is wrong with your ovaries, but it does sound as if you might be suffering from polycystic ovaries?? If you have been prescribed a drug called Metformin, this might help you to maintain regular ovulation, so please don't be afraid of taking it. Your GP is there to help you, and I'm sure if whatever medication he/she has prescribed you doesn't work, you will be referred to a specialist. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi! Thank you, Diane, I really appreciate your support

  • I agree with Diane

    It seems like you are not sure about your own treatment but your GP is here for you to help and guide you. so you should try it and IF nothing works out there will be a consultation where you and your GP will be deciding on what to do next. Nothing to worry.

    Good luck!

  • Hello! Don't worry beforehand. It's quite possible that your disease is not so bad as it seems to be. Good luck and don't be afraid!

  • Thank you, Olivia864, I feel much better now

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