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Today's scan - not so good 😢

Had another scan this morning and it seems like I might be developing OHSS. My right ovary is very busy and as a PCOS sufferer this is the worry 😥

Don't have any symptoms other then bloating..

Nurse braced us this morning for a freeze all...if it gets that far. Feel so defeated today. So annoyed with myself and my body.

Drugs have been lowered and a slot booked for Friday egg collection.. .again if it comes to that.

Feeling fed up today 😕


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Hi Jade sorry to hear this.

Hopefully it is not as bad as that and you can collect without freezibg but if you do please dont be too disheartened as long as you have some good eggs they will hopefully not have to wait too long till transfer.

The most important thing is you are ok.xx


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