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Pearl turns to bean

HI! Thank you all who was concerned about my pregnancy. I know you were worried the same as me...

I should tell that everything is alright I had my another scan that showed my little pearl is growing. It has 160 per minute! I'm so happy to know that my baby has so strong heartbeat! I'm happy happy happy xxx

Someone says that on my term if the heartbeat is lower 150 it's a boy, if it's higher it's a girl. I wonder is it true?

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Hi margy7. Don't know about the heartbeat, just that it is very healthy. Hope you've got your appointment booked to meet your midwife soon. Just wanted to wish well with the pregnancy. Diane

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I'm so glad to hear this, I didn't think the first heartbeat was slow but nevertheless it's great to know everything has developed great. I think the rate in gender prediction is an old wives tale but they are fun at least 😃 Congrats! xoxo

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