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Can anyone make sense of progesterone levels please?

Hi everyone. I have had 2 lots of bloods done to test my progesterone level however I cannot make much sense from them all I know is that ovulation has occurred however what should progesterone levels be? My first blood test done last month are written like this- Serum progesterone=52nmol/L Progesterone <28nmol/L.

The last one that I had done this week which I have just rang for I was told is 33 and ovulation has occurred.

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Hi Ramsay91. A Day 21 progesterone reading should read 30 or more to confirm ovulation has occurred. The first one you had read at 28, so you probably didn't ovulate that month. Hope that explains it for you. Diane

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To ovulate it needs to be 30 or more. Diane's advice is best though .. I couldn't put it better myself xx


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