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The new series of One born every minute has had couples who have went through IVF. Last night the couple were trying for 11 years with the women having a 16 year old. Watching the endearing face of the women looking at her husband holding his son for the first time melted my heart.

All our journeys are hard, stressful and a rollercoaster of emotions. Just wanting to send you all some love and comfort that it can work.


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  • Lovely post Lucy, I havent been able to bring myself to watch it the last few years but lovely that they are including IVF couples. Gives hope to us all.


  • I watched it made me cry xx

  • I thought how they raised funding was lovely. And well done to these couples for being so open. I'm sure quite a few previously were ivf but just kept it quiet

  • Hi Lucyloo81. Sending you some love back, and a hug too! Diane

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