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2 month wait!?

Hi everyone!

Basically, all I'm waiting on for my referral is my partners sample to get sorted. After loads of confusion with switching doctors he's now been told it's a 2 month wait to even drop the sample off at the doctors!? Please tell me there is some confusion and I can call back up!? This just seems ridiculous that it would take that long!

I'm literally in tears as I'd hoped by end of June I'd have at least seen the fertility specialist where as now it seems end of June we'll be handing sample in, then have to wait for results and THEN have the wait to see a specialist.

I honestly got my hopes up thinking by end of June things would be better, that I could enjoy my Summer knowing I had seen a doctor and they would had advised me on how to move forward. Now I'm just left with this sinking anxiety of the 'how's', 'what if's' and even the daunting thought of 'what if never'.

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I can understand your frustration try asking a different GP or look into how much the test is privately to try and speed things up x


Hi MsPond. Sorry to hear that there seems to be a delay in your treatment. However, I don't know where you are with it all, but regarding semen specimens, there needs to be 2 months between samples being submitted if there was any problem with his last sample, however small. Just keep in touch with the clinic, just in case there are any cancellations, and they can fit you in earlier. I do hope it all soon comes together for you and you can get a proper treatment plan in order. Good luck! Diane


Thank you both. This is our first test and we got told we could do it this week by the GP. I think I'm just so disappointed...this has been so consuming and thinking I'd have more clarity soon was the only thing stopping me from falling.

Will be calling back tomorrow as OH is terrible at asking the right questions on the phone so I'll get more info. x


I was referred to fertility consultant at local hospital without OH having given a sample. We did all that once we had been referred, so the initial tests on me were done at the same time as they were done on him. It's weird (and annoying) how it is different in every area.


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