Day 10 test negatives

I had ET on 13 and period suppose to be on 16 which didn't. Hope I think that may be I am pregnant. I tested today as my 2ww tomorrow to do blood test. It's negatives and breaks my heart this morning. I am 40 in June, I am not allowed after that for free. I am not even sure I can do another round of IVF. Any thought girl what to do. My OH was crying this morning and I am pretend to be fine for him. Tmro is his birthday and I am frozen! Sorry for my emotional post!

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  • Hi EE2017. So sorry to read this. Unfortunately you will still need to test on the correct day tomorrow, then let the clinic know. Still take any prescribed medication until you have spoken to the clinic. Never a good time for anything like this to happen, so just stay together tomorrow, and maybe have a nice meal at home, just the two of you. My thoughts are with you both. Diane

  • So sorry to hear your first cycle failed. And horrible timing. Hugs xxx

  • Thank you skatty. I am eager to start another, as I will not be funded by NHS after June. Apart of me want to gave up and another to try again. Xx

  • This is so sad...Please, just don't give up, you need to keep trying and I truly believe that everything will be alright

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