Need hope

Hi all

I haven't written a post before but read daily and think everyone on here is amazing. My story is very low amh, blocked Fallopian tubes and severe endo. We were lucky enough to get a blastocyst last year but it failed. 😢

This year been waiting to start again but cycle has been all over the place and finally when AF arrived (post 4m) had a cyst, which after another period is still here and is growing. Clinic have now said to switch from short protocol to long protocol (for next cycle) but have been googling crazy and can't see how that will help with cyst? Any advice?

Ps. Everyone around me is getting or is pregnant..... happy for them but sad for myself..have lost faith.. and finding it hard. Everyone is in my

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  • Oh dear .hope is all we have .i also have blocked fallopian tubes but im hopeful second time around it will work.i know you are feeling like it wont happen coz of the cyst but if your doctors believe there is a chance please hang on to that.miracles do happen everyday here and yours will come too.just hold on to the belief and wish for the best.take it one day at a time.hugs to you.

  • Thanks so much for your reply. Just in a rut at the moment, hoping I will snap out of it, you are right miracles do happen everyday. Xxx hope yours does too. X

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