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Hi. I'm 40 years old and have fertility problems. I've been doing a bit of research surrounding diet. I've read in a few places that soya can affect fertility? I'm a vegetarian and I don't drink cows milk (as I don't like it) I usually have soya milk on my cereal and regularly eat tofu. Should I cut out the soya products?

Thank you for any advice xxx

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  • Hi there. I am not vegetarian but don't like the taste of cow's milk and have been drinking up to 300ml of soya milk every day for 4 years.

    I am about to start DE IVF (private) but spent two years under the NHS. I have asked this exact same question of both senior consultants and the answer has been a definitive 'no' both times.

    There is no conclusive proof that soya consumption affects your ability to conceive. It MAY affect hormone levels marginally in some individuals, but this is not true across the board. I have also been told that you have to consume it in crazy volumes for it to have any detrimental effect.

    I have several vegetarian friends (consuming soya) and not one of them has had trouble having children.

    I hope this helps!! All the best to you xxx

  • I have stage 4 endo and it was the endo diet, rather than a fertility diet, which recommended cutting out soya because of its pseudo-oestrogen effects. HOWEVER, they did say that fermented soya (ie good quality organic tofu and any miso/soy sauce products) isn't as bad??. I have finally found an alternative milk I like - Oatly Barista - and eat sheep and goat yoghurt, desserts and cheese, but not sure if you'd like those (I can't stand goats milk but I do like goats cheese and sheep milk stuff seems milder). Koko yoghurt and desserts and Violife cheese products are also soya-free - however they are not very high in protein.

  • Hi Mokey76. It is recommended that you keep it to a minimum. "skatty" has listed some good alternatives. Good luck! Diane

  • A nutritionist who had worked from zita west said that soya isn't good for fertility xxx

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