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Hi people ,

I've not been on here for a while . This is my 2nd IVf cycle with donor eggs .

I'm at a new clinic this time and our clinic, like the egg to get to blastocyst before transfer .

Anyway we had 1 egg made it and now I've 8 days left before testing . I'm a dance teacher and for me to sit and chill is extremely hard. I'm constantly looking for symptoms and it's starting to drive me mad .

I was worried about continuing to exercise but my clinic assured me to carry on as normal as it would make no difference to the outcome . They said to do what my body is used to . I'm planning on doing some Pilates and yoga and go back to dance on Tuesday ( 6 days post transfer ) . Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?

I was convinced on my last cycle it had worked due to the side effect of the pessaries, and I'm scared I'm setting myself up for disappointment again . God I forget how much ivf plays with your emotions . I'm remaining hopeful in the meantime .

Good luck to you all out there too xxx

3 Replies

I haven't made it to the 2WW yet but think that keeping your mind and body active are important for health too. So if your clinic say you're ok with gentle exercise and it helps you relax I would carry on. Perhaps just tone down the sessions so you don't overdo it. Wishing you all the very best of luck for a positive outcome. X

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in reply to MrsB76

Thanks for replying and good luck to you too .

It's a strange one as on my last cycle I did no exercise but drove myself crazy thinking about it .

Yes I'll definitely be doing lighter classes and no jumping . Thanks again xx


Hi leah345. I agree with |"MrsB76", carry on as normal, just not too aggressive. Good luck! Diane


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