IVF In a same sex relationship, with endo?

Hey all,

Just looking for a bit of advice in terms of IVF or anybody post experience in the same situation as me.

I am in a same sex relationship and plan on having children in the next few years with my girlfriend. This means IVF is needed for us to have a child. On top of that i was diagnosed with Endometriosis recently and have read that it can affect your fertility.

What are my best options in terms of IVF taking into consideration my endo. I understand that same sex couples normally have to pay for 6 rounds of IVF before been considered for funding. Does this still apply if you have a medical condition that affects your fertility?

Any advice on which direction to head in? or any success stories.

I was already nervous about the whole IVF process and the cost before i knew i had endo, now im even more worried that we will really struggle for a child due to my condition and money costs. :~(

thanks x

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  • I dont no much about it.. but im sure i saw something in the news recently to say same sex couples get a funded cycle now? I could be wrong though x

  • Theres currently a petition going around to get funding for same sex couples IVF as at the minute im pretty sure you have to self fund 6 rounds yourself!

    Really feel like the odds of me been able to start a family are stacked against me. :( Was just wondering if you received IVF funding if you have a medical condition like endo.

    Thanks for your response x

  • Hi. I can't comment on the endometriosis point I'm afraid but I have colleagues at work who are in a same sex relationship and their children were conceived through privately funded IUI rather than IVF. I believe you have to try 6 times through either donor sperm insemination or IUI before becoming eligible for NHS funded treatment. There was an article about this recently posted on facebook by the Fertility Network UK - thegutsygay.com/2017/03/10/...

    Hope that helps, and good luck! 🤞x

  • Hi there I can't comment on the condition you have but my wife and I have been going through our fertility our fertility journey for 15 months and are now nearly 7 weeks pregnant through ivf! In our case I was diagnosed with pcos so qualified for 2 rounds on NHS so I think with a condition that unfortunately we have it may give you hope for a cycle or 2. Wishing you all the best x

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