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5cm endometrioma, ivf?


I just wanted some experiences and advice.

I was diagnosed with mod/severe endo ib sept 2015 after a laproscopy. We have been ttc for 2 1/2yrs and no luck, had a failed ivf cycle last sept and we are saving for another last attempt.

I have a large 4-5cm choc cyst in my righht ovary and during my last ivf cylce altho it all went well i ended up only producing 4 eggs , 3 of which were mature. Although i had nany follicles some contained yellow fluid due to endo.....my consultant said i probably had reduced ovarian function due to my lap in 2015. I am concerend about havin more sirgery as dont want to lose my ovary or function altogether.

i just wondered if anyone else had gone thru ivf with this size cyst and been successful?

Thanks in advance

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Hi I can't say I went through ivf with the cyst. I had a large endometrioma on my left ovary. I was under gynae before I started ivf and had a scan done before I was referred. The scan showed the cyst. I saw the lead consultant for gynae+fertility at my hospital she advised it was to be removed before I started treatment. So I had the op in September they also found a cyst on my Fallopian tube which was removed. I went on to have a successful ivf cycle in Feb. Iv had two ops for endo one in 2014 and 2016 luky for me it didn't affect my ovarian function. All the best for the further cycle


I have virtually exactly the same issue - had a lap in April 2016 and also had my uterus re shaped following a miscarriage in September 2015 which they believed was due to the endo and misshaped uterus - the lap removed a lot of the endo but a large endo cyst reappeared very quickly on the right ovary and has hung around since - hospital decided against further surgery as time is pushing on (am nearly 39) and we just went through a cycle working around it - I had a lot of acupuncture which focused more on my left ovary (which got a new cyst half way through and the cycle had to be stopped twice but it eventually disappeared!) and I was very carefully monitored during stims to try to get the follicles to grow so they could be accessed around the endo/focus on maturing the left follicles - we have been successful with just one embryo left on transfer day - whether we get through the next few weeks is a different matter sadly but we got a BFP - I would def recommend a fertility specialist acupuncture as the clinic said that they could see a visible difference in the follicle growth from when I had sessions and she was also focusing on the environment being more positive as endo can create a hostile environment! Wishing you all the very best - endo is so horrible and so little still is known about it's effects but I hope beyond all hope I've beaten it this time and you will do the same!xxx


Thanks very much & congrats on ur bfp. They did work around it last time but im pretty sure its gotten bigger , i am planning on seeing an acupuncturist for my next cycle also.

Ill wait & c what the consultants recommend x


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