Can't get a doctors apt for 4 weeks

Bit worried, I'm intending on having the 2 week wait off, I can self sick for first week and second one I have to get a sick note, but can't get in doctors for 4 weeks! They said if I needed one I gotta ring on the day, 8 in the morning or 12 in afternoon it's bank holiday that Monday so only 4 days to get an appt, just wondering if anyone else works for the NHS and knows if I have to hand the sick note in the week I need one. I intend on going back to work week after. Xx

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  • Hi I don't work for the NHS however aty doctors you can ring up on the day you want the sick note and can ask the receptionist to put in a request for one with the doctor then just pick it up a few days later, no need to speak to the doctor or go to the surgery see if they can do that maybe? X

  • Can the IVF clinic not give you a note? I know that some of them do so it is worth asking.

    The situation re fitness to work notes is the same at my surgery. They can't be pre-dated but they can be post-dated so that should help if you are worried about getting an appointment on a particular day. They also have a rule that a GP at the surgery needs to see you in person before signing you off for the first time but it may be different at yours. Either way I'm sure that you will be able to get a same day appointment or speak to someone on the phone.

    Try not to stress - easier said than done I know!! Good luck xx

  • Hi Any surgery usually runs a triage system, phone up on the day and put a sick note request in. And usually doctor just signs it off. Sometimes they want a telephone consultation but if the reason is clear cut enough that doesn't need medical assessment usually they just sign them. I needed one after a lap and dye and never even saw the doc, it was just waiting at reception and the reason just said recommended rest following gynecological treatment, i think the trick is getting a sympathetic doctor, some are helpful some aren't.

    Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰ โค๏ธ

  • I suspect if you ring when they tell you to call they should be able to sort it, just be clear with the receptionists what it is for (they have to ask questions to make sure you get a phone call/appointment with the right person at an appropriate time!). Usually you should be able to speak to a GP within a few days, and as someone else said you can't pre-date a 'fit note' but can post date them. GP should be able to give a fit note after a phone consultation even if they haven't seen you. I would hope that most GPs are sympathetic to the 2ww and if you feel that it would be best for you or your clinic have advised it then I would imagine you shouldn't have a problem. Good luck! X

  • Although as others have said, they can't predate a sick note, they can sign you off whilst you are off in the first week which you are also able to self certify. So that should give you more possible days to ring rather than just the bank holiday week.

    My doctors surgery also has an option to go down there and queue before the doors open at 8am, and this is when the appointments are mostly allocated. Check if they do this at yours x

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