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IVF, Success with first time cycle


I am new on here and will really appreciate some advice.

Has anyone gotten pregnant with the first round of IVF with hydrasalpinx?

How long does it take to be referred once blood test etc has been given?

Wishing everyone going through IVF the best wishes.

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Hi, I have a Hydrosalphinx also! We attended out first hospital appointment in september and have been having tests ever since! My Hydrosalphinx has been discovered and now just waiting for my medications to arrive, have my injection lesson and then need to right date to get started!

Wishing you lots of luck x

Kyra-J in reply to cls37

Thanks for the reply,

If you don't mind me asking, Is the medication expensive?

How long do you need to do the medication before transplant day?

Good luck 🙏🏾

I had that which was found half way through my 1st private cycle which was unsuccessful, then I had the the tube removed that was affected, then found years later it was in my other tube so they clipped that one,

I went through NHS this time, first went to my appointment in April last year had the opt in Dec to clip tube, finally just got my appointment for my consultation with my clinic in may, xx

Kyra-J in reply to Leesalou

Oh know that's not good.

I really don't want to be told I will need to remove my tube/s. It seems like the waiting gets longer, I'm guessing that's to recover from the surgery?

Good luck fingers crossed🙏🏾

Leesalou in reply to Kyra-J

Fingers crossed, I know what you mean about waiting as I've waited a long time and every time I get close i had another hurdle in the way, but I'd highly recommend if your hydrosalpinx is bad to get that sorted before you start your ivf (this is just my opinion ) my NHS wouldn't allow me to go any further until it was sorted they just clipped the tube rather than remove,

Sorry if I've put a downer on you journey but I'm just advising you on how mine was,

Say yours may be totally different to mine,

Did you gyno tell you your next steps? Or where are you on your journey?


Leesalou in reply to Leesalou

Sorry forget to reply to waking time: My surgery was done in December and my review was February was suppose to be 6 weeks after but I just guess as it was over xmas and new year that lose me a few weeks,

I think i was told in October that I needed to correct it and had a date for December, (was NHS)

Then from Feb to now was delayed due to cock up with my doctors missing bloods, not amune to Rubella having to be re vaccine and then wait a whole month to make sure I was, so yours may be a lot lot quicker than mine, I just had a lot of probs with things going missing or not done properly xx

Kyra-J in reply to Leesalou

Well they told me once all my test had been completed from me and my partner they will refer me to my choosen clinic.

I have sent all the stuff and done all my blood test so I guess it's just another waiting game.

My gyno has not told me if I need my tubes removed. Confused if it will be them who tell me or the clinic?! I could not get any information which I needed answered as my gynaecologist was changed at the last moment and the consultant didn't have a clue about what I needed to know.

Thanks for the reply x

Leesalou in reply to Kyra-J

I'm in kent and my clinic is approx 14 days wait for consultation to go over treatment,which is slightly over as I'm my appointment is the 9th May,

Long as all your results are all good you should be seen quicker than me,

Not sure where you are based as they all do things different, but I hope yours gets moving quickly, I'm assuming your NHS? It's the tests that take the longest xx

Kyra-J in reply to Leesalou

Oh that's not to bad of a wait. Not long to go 😁

Yes mine will be with the NHS. I have done all my test although I had to retake my hormone one as they didn't have enough blood to test😐

My partner need to get his semen which we missed the post man deliver.

I started having anxiety because of the not knowing what's next


Leesalou in reply to Kyra-J

I've had so many blood test done as wrong ones too low etc etc, so. I think if i didn't have all the errors with blood and my Rubella, plus the opp I would of started long time ago, but they say good things come to those that wait and wait wait wait and more waiting I've done lol,

I've had Anxiety, depression, stress everything ivf is such an emotional heart aching journey but it be worth it in the end eventually fingers cross,

The thing with the NHS there is so many rules they have to follow and each area works so different, and like you say it's the not knowing that drives you mad. Say my last appointment was 14th Feb and knew I had to have Rubella again wait till march to test for it then rang to check on 27th march all ok and it was and she was sending of my forms which took 2 weeks, which it did but there was a delay over hubbies details that's all sorted and 9th I'll find out what happens next treatment plan etc,

It's all just a waiting game, but defiantly use your NHS funding before private as I lost one cycle as I went private first


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