Round 2 change of meds and higher dose?

After our follow up appointment the start of this month the doctor thinks the best way forward for our 2nd round is to increase our dose to 300 (from 150/225 Gonal F) and use a slightly different medication on the same protocol. She said there are a few options for stimulation drugs but they are similar but give slightly different results. Has anyone else had the same and got better results? Our first cycle got stopped due to poor stimulation even though I have a good AMH. I am concerned that now my endometrioma and endometriosis has been removed that It might go the other way and I will over stimulate but fingers crossed all goes well and we get further than last time. :-) xxx

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  • They increased mine this time from merional 150 to 225 and although Im at higher risk of ohss I feel completely fine and alls good so far, they originally changed me to progesterone pessories this time but after EC yesterday have put me back to the injections same as last time & I have an extra injection each night to help with ohss (it helps thin the blood) I had 10 more eggs this time and more fertilisation than last time but it's still early doors, hopefully with the changes they make it will go better and if your showing too much stimulation they can bring your medication down a bit - good luck xx

  • Thanks :-) good luck xx

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