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FET positive with no tubes but pain on right side

Hi I'm new here. I've had my transfer on 30/4/2017 and got a positive hpt on the 8th post 2dt embroys. I've had no tubes left due to 5 ectopic pregnancies. I have a miracle daughter conceived from my damaged tube before it ruptured on the 5th ectopic. My only chances to get pregnant is thru IVF. We tried and failed two fresh cycle and this is our last FET. I am having pains like ectopic pregnancy pain down there on my right side. I have no tubes left so it couldn't be another ectopic right. I'm so worried and does anyone hav any experiences. Pls share with me as I'm due for blood test on Monday. I'm not worried about the beta but more on the embroys location.

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Hi I don't have any experience with this but just want to wish you luck! It sounds like you have been through so much. Sending positive thoughts your way xx

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