does someone of you know what kind of documents you need for surrogacy in Ukraine?

I was thinking about it lately and even though I find Ukrainian clinic to be great and stuff I still cannot decide whether it is a good idea or not

my family is very conservative and kind of does not support any kind of fertility treatment thus they really do not want me to go to Ukraine and after i told that that I am 100 sure that I am going for it they have told me that I have to fly to the US which is impossible for me due to the fact that my husband and I are the only ones who are paying for this and we cannot count on the help from our parents and friends obviously as we wouldn't take money from them in the first place.

so I am here trying to persuade my close relatives that Ukraine is as good as the US but they do not want to believe me... what to do??

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  • Hi tokal. Have a look at our surrogacy factsheet on our website fertilitynetworkuk.org and see if that gives you some idea. Hope all goes well with things, if you do decide to go to the Ukraine. Diane

  • thank you a lot! I will be reading the factsheet very carefully, hopefully I will find some answers! Thank you again.

    wellm things are only getting worse and worse in my life these days

  • Hello! I am also hoping for your problem to be solved as quickly as possible

    I suppose that if you are not getting any money from your parents there's no need to prove them wrong. It is your life and if you are considering surrogacy you should take those decisions by yourself and with your husband.

    BTW I can tell you what kind of documents I sent to my clinic in order to be approved for the program because it is kind of strict over there due to the legislation and some paperwork.

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