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Mother Nature strikes

Was getting so excited this week - due to pick up my medication on Friday to start down-regs on Saturday as that would be day 19 of my cycle. Been spotting for a few days which was ok as it was Brown discharge (tmi) & I had done some heavy work at the gym which normally contributes to that. However this morning AF appears to be in full flow! Feel such a failure that my body which you could set a clock to regarding AF now decides to screw this up! Waiting a call back from the clinic to find out what I need to do.

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Oh what a bugger!! Hope they have been able to sort everything out for you x


Hi 72cloud9,

It's actually worked out better than I could have imagined!! I had to go in this morning & give blood & got a phone call this afternoon confirming that it looked like AF was here (really - I've been having AFs for 25 years - I'm pretty sure I know when it's here!!!) Anyway, they have managed to jig things round now & instead of starting nortisterone on Saturday I'm jumping straight to the stimulation stage starting tomorrow! Scary now - so close!


Oh great news!! No more waiting!! I think the waiting is scarier than the actual doing it as at least then u r doing something!! Best of luck xxx


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