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Menaupausal since unknown + ovarian failure

I've always known something wasn't right as I've never beside once had my monthly cycle naturally.

My diagnoses were (ovarian failure and menaupausal probably since straight after my first ever period). Having had 4-5 opinions during the course of 5 years I am left with the only option of EGG DONATION, after months of research and educating ourselves we are looking for an egg donation from an Asian woman (so that we can closely match).

Is there anyone out there who could give us the hope of becoming a parent?

A very upset and heartbroken couple.

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Oh this is so tough. I don't really know much about egg donation but I know there are many ladies on here doing this too so it is absolutely possible. 🤞🏻I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you get the eggs you need xx

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Hi Rubinna,

I had DE and was successful 😀. I went to Czech Republic and was matched with a donor really quickly, but I am fair with blue eyes, so a lot easier to match.

Are you in the uk? Have you tried contacting any clinics in the uk that may have Asian donors? Maybe in London? . Here is a link to another forum that has international boards discussing de.


If you have any questions about de, ask away and I will try to help.

Wishing you the very best


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Dear jhza700,

Thank you for your response, I am a member of fertilityfrirnds too, here's a link to my post, fertilityfriends.co.uk/foru...

Although I am looking for DE, the complete situation in my case is very complex, if you have time pls do read through my post on FF, you'll know exactly where I stand.



Suggestion needed please for a first time IVF with ED within or outside U.K.? And if possible which clinics?


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