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6 week scan

Hi everyone

Tomorrow I have my 6 week scan I'm so nervous I can't seem to think anything but negative things at the moment my fiancé on the other hand is so excited!! Iv read a lot that at 6 weeks it can be to early to see the heart beat my clinic did warn me this could happen and if it does il go back a week later for another one. Just wanted to see if anyone else had a 6 week scan and was able to see the ❤️ beat?

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I think mines a bit early aswell (on Wednesday the 12th). If you look at the ivf due date thing if I put in my transfer date it says heartbeat detected by 14th April. Not going to panic if it's not there, think they pushed me the early side of the bank holiday! Didn't we transfer the same day on the 10th? Yours does seem early.


We did indeed transfer the same day. I don't know why they do a 6 week scan and not a 7 week. Il be 6 weeks to the day tomorrow, just hope we do see babies heart beating otherwise I know I will be a mess even if they say it's to early. Guess will just have to see tomorrow. Thank god it's at 8.10 so I don't have all day worrying


It's all very odd when the clinics are handling things differently. Try not to stress too much. Although when people tell me that it really doesn't help lol. X


Yes we did. Try not to think the worst if they ask you to come back in a few days, apparently it happens a lot x


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