Thanks ks you for all of your support!

Thank you for all of your support ladies, shocked to have received 133 survey responses! Just need to get writing everything up now. Such a brilliant response! It seems strange to say this but one positive side I had found on this journey to motherhood is the group of fantastic people from all walks of life that aim to help and motivate people, it's such a fantastic feeling to be able to speak so openly and to people who understand what we go through. I definitely feel luck to be a part of this loving, beautiful community. I can see the mothering instinct In every post and comment. And wherever we all end up and whatever the outcome is I hopersonally we all make the most of out lives and find happiness, fulfillment and peace. Only people who walk in our shoes truly know how difficult a battle we have with ourselves, the good days, the bad days and the days where we want to do as ostriches do and bury our heads in the sand. Yet through all of the heartache and pain we carry on, and that determination is driven by the sheer amount of love for a person who we haven't even met yet. That is truly beautiful. A beauty I never would have seen had I not been given this path to follow, for that I am greatful.

Sorry for the rant! Just feeling appreciative of life right now and embracing what I do have instead of dwelling on the things I don't xxxxx

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  • Very well said and good luck with the write up xx

  • Lovely 😊 and so very true. Good luck xxx

  • Nicely written xxx

  • What a lovely post to read,

    Good luck with your write up,


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