Blood tests done πŸ’‰ Urine and stool sample sent off 😊

Hi ladies and gents. How are you all?

So today I had my blood tests taken- I'm having a full count blood test, thyroid, c reactive, and Celic. My urine has been tested and no infection was picked up but still sent to lab anyways. Stool sample sent off to lab too

The doctor surgery I'm registered is spilt into two practices. The doctor I saw on Thursday is the other surgery. Luckily the healthcare assistant told me I had good reasons to see this doctor and the receptionists will be fine with me using the other surgery to see the doctor that ordered the investigations. She even said as he ordered the tests it was best to see him which is great to know. ☺️

My results take about 3 days to come back.


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  • If possible could you request to see only that doctor with our surgery there is only one doctor xx

  • There are 4 doctors in each practice. The healthcare lady says I have every right to see the doctor who ordered my tests and it shouldn't be a problem which was a big relief-I thought I'd have to change surgeries. X Wow only one doctor blimey. Must be really hard to get a doctors appt x

  • It's super easy to get into as it's a family surgery . You phone and you have an appointment the next day he's really good he's the only one I really trust with my care plans x

  • Fingers crossed for u kess hope everything will be

  • How are you feeling Jess you feeling any better ? Xx

  • Glad u r getting nearer finding out what's going on!! Hope they don't find anything bad but hope they find some simple explanation that's really easily sortable xxx

  • Hi Jess, I'm so sorry that you're still in pain but I'm so glad they're finally investigating for you properly. I hope they can get out some answers so you can progress with things. Sending love to you, take care x x x

  • Thank you for the kind words mommabear16 it is very appreciated ❀️ I'm in good hands now 😊

    How are you? I hope you're ok.


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