Feeling confused and a little nervous

Hi all, well I was due to start af on the 18th, I have had normal monthly flows this past year bang on the 18th every month, with exception to two months missed, doctor said that can happen it's just a break in cycle,I am using digital ovulation kits every month I had a high fertility on the 1st then peak fertility on the 5th, timing baby making around this, now 3 days late with cramping but negative results and no show period, typical as I need monthly flow to start my icsi cycle, could I not have ovulated? And then this worries me that they won't get a few eggs, anyone else had this?

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  • Hey, it seems quite common on here that while we're waiting on treatment to start AF comes late! Happened to me too. I think sometimes it's just stress because your anxious about treatment and anxiously awaiting your AF etc.

    I hope your AF shows soon so that your able to start your treatment. Try not to worry and good luck 😊 xxx

  • Thankyou x

  • Same happened to me when I was waiting to get going! 1st time in over a year I was late!! Agree with Amanda I think it's stress x

  • It's. just typical, I am like hello where are you, al never be as glad to see a period in all my life,πŸ‘β€πŸ’‹

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