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7 wk scan all good ☺


Hi All

Hope you all getting on well?I seen a lot of BFP recently which is encouraging to all and many of you are at EC and ET stages as well as 2ww. Fingers crossed for everyone.

To everyone who has had a set back all my thoughts are with you hoping it all comes good for you in the end. I'm sure it will.💚

I had my 7wk scan on Wednesday and they confirmed I'm 7wks4days. A week further along than I thought. As I had 2 transferred I had worked myself up thinking it could be twins and as much as that would be lovely also bit scary, but she confirmed only one. I feel strangely sad for the other one as we named my blastocysts Bill and Bob and now I wondering what has happend to little Bill why he didn't make it...🤔

Saw the little flickering heart beat and it was great. My OH so happy. His parents over the moon too.

Have a nice weekend all. Much luck and baby dust 🍀xxx

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Aw lovely congratulations xxx

Congratulations xx

Ah congratulations!!! Xx

Such fantastic news, thank you so much for sharing X

Big smiles and congratulations xx


Congrats Buffy and look at wee Bob, he is so cute.

Its great seeing so many BFPs gives hope to us all.

Wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy xx

Buffy21 in reply to Hidden

Lol wee Bob I love it aye 😁👍

Thank you. All best to you too xx

Aw buffy this is lovely to see, so pleased for you xxx

Buffy21 in reply to Strawb86

Thanks Strawb. Hope you doing good on your journey. Saw your post about fertilised eggs. Good stuff.xx

How lovely.... glad all is going well, continue wishing all goes well Buffy. Awesome news

Buffy21 in reply to sanj76

Thanks Sanj.Hope you two doing great also?Nausea has set in not actually being sick yet. Ginger tea helps. I'm eating like a horse!It's really rather ridiculous lol xx

sanj76 in reply to Buffy21

Same with the wife but dare I judge lol

Amazing, congratulations hunni xxxx

Awww congratulations Buffy!!xx

Congrats Buffy. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy! Xxx

Hello little Bob!

Congratulations Buffy! Hope you continue to have a healthy pregnancy! Xxx

Buffy21 in reply to pana82

Aww love it xx👍🤣


Ah how lovely!! Fantastic news! Xx

Ah thanks for sharing lovely congratulations! Xxx

Thanks for sharing hun, it's amazing!! I've got my scan booked for Monday, will be 7w3d, excited & nervous!! Take care of yourself & I look forward to your updates xx

Buffy21 in reply to Lucky17

Same to you we almost at the same place on our journey. Update me too xx

Aw this is lovely, congratulations xx

Aaw gorgeous!! Happy days with the wee Bob 😍😍

Buffy21 in reply to Nesfin

That's his name now decided wee Bob 😁xx

Congratulations & pleased all progressing well!! Xxx

Aww this is a lovely post! Huge congrats Buffy21 xx

Fantastic... Great news... Take it easy and enjoy xxxx

Absolutely amazing ❤🌈 xx

Huge congratulations!!! So happy for you! I'll have my 7w scan next Friday! Hope that I'll see the little heart beat too! 💕🙏🏻✨

Buffy21 in reply to Krikri

You will love it. All the best xx

Congrats on the little trooper! 🤗🙌🏼🐣 brilliant pic and wish you a healthy road ahead. Positive thoughts 💭 🌈🦄🤗🎋🌷😘🙌🏼🙏🏼

Buffy21 in reply to Fatooli28

Thank you xx

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