IVF & chemical pregnancies

Hi everyone

I am hoping if people could share their experience with me.

I have had 3 IVF cycles, 1 failed and 2 ended in chemical pregnancies at 4 weeks. My most recent cycle ended in a chemical pregnancy on Xmas eve and it has been really difficult to gain confidence again.

I have a frozen embryo which I can start FET in 8 weeks. Has anyone else gone on to have a successful pregnancy after multiple chemical pregnancies.

Looking for hope and support xxx

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  • I'm still on the journey but have 1 frozen embryo left like u so just wanted to wish u good luck xxx

  • Thank you. I wish you all the best. When do you start FET?

  • Not sure yet as we need to go to Greece,just trying to schedule it in x

  • I wish you all the best xxx

  • Oh Shawry I'm so sorry to read about your losses. I think you are so brave to be preparing for your FET and want to wish you all the luck in the world. I hope there are some other ladies who can share their successes with you. Sending lots of love for your FET, please let us know how you get on x x x

  • Thank you so much mommabear16. It is such a difficult time in life. I feel so much stronger, I have just got back from a holiday. I just hope and pray my little frozen embryo will want to stick around and be loved very much.

    Thank you so much for your message xxxxx

  • I had a chemical pregnancy for my first IVF cycle and now I'm nearly 9 weeks pregnant naturally. They told me it was a good thing that my body was starting to gear up for pregnancy, although at the time I was just bitterly disappointed that it hadn't continued. Don't give up hope! Sometimes your body just needs a kickstart xxxx

  • Hi Sarahmanc, congratulations on your amazing news ❤️ It so hard going through the chemical pregnancies but hopefully like you said my body is just warming up. Thank u for your message and I wish you all the best during your pregnancy xxxx

  • Hi Shawry82 I haven't posted here much but just wanted to share with you that I had 3 transfers 1 fresh 2 frozen and 2 ended in a chemical but my last round ended in success and I'm now 11+3 with my final frozen embryo. It can happen and previous chemicals don't mean you won't have a successful cycle. It's all down to your lining, your embryo quality and pure luck. I also swear by acupuncture as my only successful round I had pre and post transfer treatment. Good luck, it will happen x

  • Hi Lucy01244, thank you so much for your message and congratulations 😍. It just shows miracles do happen.

    I'm so nervous to go again it case it happens again. I am going to stay positive. Xxx I wish you well in your pregnancy ❤️ I am thinking of trying accupuncture this time xxx

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