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Countdown till consultation appointment

After 4 months of waiting we finally have our consultation appoinment date roll on end of March!

Yesterday was my first trip to the clinic, for pelvic assesment and blood test. I was a bit anxious as still not quite sure what to expect with any of this (despite reading loads). It all went really smoothly everyone was really nice and they said i had 10 follicles which is average so im pleased with that.

I asked roughly when we would start treament she estimated not next cycle but probably one after so around May time.Im so excited to finally get things going its been such a long time coming, 5 years of relentless disappoinment and tests.

Is there anybody else starting treatment around same time?

Also wanted to get opinions on my work situation and treatment options; The company i have worked for for last 6 years are moving my team to another office which makes my commute around a 1.5 -2 hrs each way yuk. I currently do 1 day a week there which is more than enough.Anybody who has moved out of the team they have replaced in the other office and they have now whittled it down to only me who is not full time based in the other office. I have been looking for other roles to move out of that team and stay based where i am but theres now a headcount freeze so its looking very unlikely & difficult. Obviously timing sucks as if it wasnt for trying to have a baby id look to move companies, but maternity policy here is good and we are so close to doing our first cycle. Because of the location differences im starting to feel left out , my boss who is based in other office is putting alot of pressure on me and generally being unpleasant which im sure is because trying to push me to leave.

I feel like its getting worse and worse and i dont want any of this stress whilst we are going through treatment, plus i dont want them to keep asking/resenting the time i need to take off for all the appoinments. Can i go to doctors and get signed off whilst going through the treatment? Wondered if anybody else has had the time off?

Thanks x

which makes it they have been replacing

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I went to gp and for signed off easily for a month on my 2nd cycle. .best thing I did..this is so exciting you have a timescale now so it is very sensible to think ahead and reduce as much stress as possible so your wee bean comes home to a stress free body xxxxx


I think its the best thing for me to do...as this is our 1 chance paid for i really want to give it the best shot possible.

Good to hear its best thing you did, what did the doctors note say, ive not told anyone at work and i really dont want to x


Lots of people on here have managed to get signed off so hopefully they can advise u how doctor handled it on certificate.i would defo say if u can step away from the stress while doing this, it would be best.hood luck xxx

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