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LH Surge ahead of Frozen Embryo Transfer...confused!

Good morning all,

Hope you're all doing ok!!

I had my scan on Monday, lining and follies were looking as expected so that good.

I've been waiting on my LH surge so I can be booked in for my FET. I'm confused....

Last night I had a positive test (boots own) and then this morning I did a clear blue and only got flashing smiley face.

I'm not sure if this is a good sign? Do I tell the clinic I had a positive last night or do I wait? What if it only lasted for a short time?

I'm going mad, I don't want to miss the transfer but I don't want to misinform the clinic if I'm wrong 😢 please give me some advice ladies xxxx

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Hi Crocodile80. I would give the clinic a ring to put your mind at rest. Good luck! Diane


i think you need to speak to clinic to see what they say. these tests can sometimes be a little wobbly in their results as well. I dont know enuf about this to give u advise but wish u best of luck xxx


Hi Crocodile80!. Hope u're doing well there and your test result came to the norm. Have you contacted your clinic? I think that's what u should have done as the ladies had recommended here. What did they tell you? Keep us informed xxx


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