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Ccg - ivf funding info & patient day of action. March 25th Please read 👊🏽💪🏼

Someone on here was asking how they find out what ivf funding they are entitled to in their CCG. I have just found the link :


Click on the England data button and it brings up a spread sheet.

Also, 25th of march is patient day of action in the UK.

Let's all fight for #TheRightToTry ..... even though it probably won't make much difference to many of us- hopefully things will be more fair for future infertility warriors!!


Email, post, tweet etc ! #IvfX3 #TellYourMP #TheRightToTry

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This is really interesting Krushby, thanks for finding and posting it xx

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I've already signed up to the 25th. Well done for sharing on here ✅ 😊

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