Advice please

God I don't know where to start.

Had my scan was god awful- first she couldn't find my left ovary and said she'd use my "normal" scan from 2 years ago-I freaked out badly and suddenly she "found my left ovary"and of course it was normal-which I know doubt she saw.

I have never had any one had any issues finding my ovaries-always found them straight away. God she had me push hard on my left side and I was in so much pain I was nearly in tears-and still doing that she couldn't find my left ovary. So painful I couldn't go to work 😭

Anyway confused to why pain is still happening I say I'll go back to my GP-which I was told no point. As I have an appt to with consultant end of month- I said if you said my ovaries are ok what's the point in discussing my ovaries? And our appt is to discuss our fertility 😑

I felt awful leaving and thanks from support from my loving family have contacted my doctors surgery again. The doctor was supportive and believed my pain and said further investigations were needed-so im seeing my GP on Monday.

My mum has offered to come in for support-I'm lucky to have such support.

I feel let down by hospital. Am I over reacting?


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  • Hey Jess, so sorry to hear you have had such a miserable time of it! Your appointment sounded painful, thoroughly unhelpful and confusing...why can't they communicate properly with us??

    Our local hospital has now lost my husband's second set of semen analysis results, after messing us around for 5 weeks! Pathetic! I am afraid I have very little time for the NHS anymore 😞

    I am glad you have got loved ones to hold you up and encourage you to keep going. Don't give up...and I hope you feel much better asap xxx

  • Any chance you have endometroisis? I'm a bit obsessed with it since I only got diagnosed a year ago after ( bloody hell) 24yrs of minor symptoms but just a thought after reading your post.

    Wouldn't show up on a scan, only diagnosed via a laproscopy.

  • That sounds awful, you're not overreacting at all in my opinion!! Awful to be treated with so little care. I suppose you can wait until your appointment or if you're really worried and can afford it, why don't you think about getting examined in a private clinic? I hope it all goes well for you, sending you lots of hugs xoxo

  • Hello Jess

    No I honestly don't think you are over reacting at all xx

  • Sounds horrendous Hun! ! I definitely would push the gp to look in to this as soon as possible! Maybe worth letting hospital know you r unhappy with how uv been left!! Hope u manage to sort it out xxx

  • Hey hun sorry to hear this:( when I had pain on my left ovary they scanned me at the clinic and said they could see something on my ovary and that I would need to go to my gp to be referred for an urgent scan. I thought it was all such a waste of time as they had already scanned me, but I got an appointment at docs a few days later, explained how urgent it was as was due to start IVF 2 weeks later, so she did a referral for me there and then in front of me and said I may have to travel to a surgery for it not the hospital (for urgent scans) and low and behold I had a phone call that same day, a local surgery called with a cancellation that day! Or a few days later if I couldn't make it that day! So when you go docs they will understand how urgent it is and hopefully Rush it along for you xxx

  • That sounds horrible! And I'm sorry you had to be put through that and still come away with no answers. Don't give up until you get them! x

  • Hi Jess I'm so sorry you've had that awful experience. Sometimes we just get the wrong person on a bad day. I'm glad your GP has listened and taken you seriously and that you have such lovely support from family, it really is helpful. I hope today has been a much better day for you x x x

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