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Starting Short Protocol Next weekend!


Hi ladies,

Just reaching out to see if there is anyone else starting short protocol bemfola injections next weekend?

I'm hoping to have a buddy because I'm honestly starting to get so scared and worried that I'm doing the wrong things in preparation. I've read that people are going chemical free? Is this normal? Should I? I'm doing acupuncture which is lovely but hopefully not pointless... etc.. I'm just lost! We have our first counselling session on Tuesday but I can't stop all of my mini freak outs and the butterflies of anticipation!


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Hi, I've done the short protocol, although I used different drugs. It's a really quick process, I found it a lot easier than the long protocol as I didn't have all the horrible side effects. It worked for us I'm now 32 weeks pregnant. Try not to follow what others are doing as there are no wrong or right way of doing things, I didn't use acupuncture or any additional theropies- i just ate well and kept myself busy. Do whats best for you. If you need any advice give me a shout x good luck 🍀

Hi, did you use Bemfola? That's what I meant to type initially but for some reason I put buserelin! I blame PMT brain lol!

Thank you that gives me hope! Eating well and taking it easy was my original plan but I'm just being caught up in the hype I think! Xxx

Hi, i was put on the pill for 11 days, then took merional and cetrotide injections for 12 days. I manged to collect 15 eggs. I've not heard of the drug your using but I suppose we used different clinics. I know what you mean it's easy to be really strict with your self and try all sorts of things people suggest. X

Hi sum1sweeta i hope all is well, do you remember the period day you started your short protocol on, thank you

Wow that's an amazing result! Did you get lots of frozen embies for future babies?

I'm on the Cetrotide too for the last few days before egg collection. I'm a bit scared of snapping the vial and mixing that one because the nurse said that the glass can shatter :/

I think I'm just going to try to distract myself a lot with cinema visits and a good book etc xxx


I'm a few weeks behind you but I'm not surprised your nervous I'm sure everyone is the same on there first go. Hope you find the counselling useful and im sure the acupuncture can only help along side treatment. Wishing you all the best xxx

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Thank you hun xxx

Hey Lucy! I am starting merinol in middle of next week and then cereotide on day 5 of injections :) so we're very similar!

I think as long as you're eating healthily and avoiding caffeine/alcohol then you're fine. I'm just making sure I have fresh fruit and veg, and having acupuncture and a hypnotherapy Cd (both to relax me mainly). I'll also make sure I'm having lots of protein during stimming to help follicle growth.

The main thing is to be kind to yourself and make sure you have a relaxing month planned (and fun things to keep you occupied during the 2ww!)

Wishing you lots of luck and would be great to keep in touch! Xxx

Awwww we will be starting really close together! Are you planning on drinking lots of full cream milk too? I know that's recommended. My doctor gave me really weird advice about not overheating my uterus... I think that's due to the pcos and danger of ohss though xxx

Haha yes! I have the full fat milk stocked up in the fridge ready to go 😂 My period is taking its time getting here (typical the one time I actually want it!!) so will likely start the jabs this sat now. Is that the same day as you?! Xx

Well my period decided to show up two hours after fertility Acupuncture. I don't know what she did to me but it Deffo brought my period on 3 days early! I rang the clinic this morning to let them know AF had arrived and they said they would call me back within 72 hours with either the go ahead or to tell me there's no space this month... fingers crossed it's the former as opposed to the latter! So I may be Saturday morning! Which is exciting! Xxxx

Eek did you hear back from the clinic? Hope they managed to squeeze you in!! Xxx

best of luck on your journey sweetie x

Thank you lovely xxx

Hi Lucy, I am on short protocol I started last week! Best of luck, it's so exciting but is scary! We aren't to far apart in the process x

That's true! We will most likely be in the 2ww together! How are you finding it do far? Xxx

It goes so quick honestly! I have just had my second scan after a week of meds, I have a scan weds and then they are planning for egg collection on friday!! Can't believe how quick it has gone!!

How are you doing? You started meds yet?

I had a lot of bloating on Saturday but that's because my follicles have got so big apparently. I am thirsty constantly too!

7 follicles looking on target for egg collection Friday 😬😬 x

Oh my goodness that has been a quick turnaround! They are aiming for trigger at day 12 as far as my meds schedule goes. But they will keep monitoring due to my PCOS. I start in the next few days... just waiting for AF to make an appearance!

I also need to get weighed at the hospital and prove my BMI is 30. It was 30.7 last time I went! Unless I starve myself of carbs the weight just takes so long to go down! If my weight isn't low enough I will have to wait until next month! They also told me that they may not have space for me in the March rounds as they are still clearing the backlog from Christmas! So we are hoping it all starts this week but there's no guarantee :( xxx

P.S. 7 is a good number! Let's hope they are nice and big and make top grade embies! Xxx

Oh PCOS is a Pain with weight but yes defo stay off the carbs! They thought I had PCO just prone to cysts but I'm actually cyst free and I've cut down hugely on cabs and I swear by it! Much less pains too!! All about protein, boiled eggs and chicken breasts works wonders for me, worth a try?

Fingers crossed for you, I was frustrated Dec when we got pushed back to Feb! But timing is everything I truly believe everything happens for a reason so it'll be your time to start when the time right! Maybe it's togive you more time with the weight! Keep at it girl I know it's hard!! Sure your doing great tho!

Yes very quick! That will be the 12th day!

I'm nervous but so excited!! Trying not to let it take over my life!! Fingers crossed for the follicles and that we at least get 1 little egg 🍳 to try as it only takes 1!!

Can not believe we are set for Friday!!


I've started on the high protein and veg now!

You're so right. I will be totally okay with it if they make us wait until the end of March to start protocol. Xxx

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