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3BB Blastocyst success stories? 🐣

Hey everyone,

Hope your all keeping well. After our October transfer ended in a chemical pregnancy I haven't been on here much. Pop on occasionally to see how people are getting on but just felt I had to cut myself off from the IVF world. It really does start taking over your whole life and you become obsessed (well I do anyway lol).

We will soon be going through a FET and I've found out the embryo will be a 3BB, I feel disappointed because the last time we had a 4AB. Just looking to see if anyone has any success stories of a successful pregnancy from a 3BB blastocyst.

Thanks 😊

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Our doctor said today that although we have a very nice 4ab transferred it's no guarantee of success; she'd seen much lower grade embryos that weren't anywhere near as good be successful. Basically she was saying that there's no way of knowing, no guarantee either way.. I don't personally have any experience of what you ask but I just wanted to offer you some hope going on what we were told today x


Thanks for replying 😊

Yeah I guess that's so true. Grading really doesn't mean much as some good don't work and some not so good go on to be successful.

I guess it's down to luck 🍀

How did you find the FET? Xxx

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Overall it was fine. Very quick really. Tad, but only a tad painful with the clamp but I think it's because I get so anxious. Glad it's all done now 😊 X

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Good luck. I'll be looking forward to seeing your update on test day 😊 xxx

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