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Anyone have Endo discomfort during 2WW and still BFP?

Hi! I am in my 2WW waiting from fresh transfer. I am 5dp5dt of two embyros. Yesterday I started to have my normal Endo discomfort in my ovaries and some cramping that I always get pre-period. Has anyone had these Endo symptoms and still got a BFP? I am keeping my faith but I need to knew if someone was in my same boat.


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Hi Hun I'm also on 2ww, 2 embies put in on Saturday. I'm almost the opposite to u, I'm getting worried that I'm feeling nothing!

One of my friends who is an IVF veteran having done it many times says cramping can sometimes be a good sign as your body is making adjustments for new life.

My clinic told me not to read to much in to anything as the meds cause so many different niggles.

It's a tense time and I wish I knew the answer! I'm trying to distract myself with a lot of trash tv xxx

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