Pain still in left side possibly ovary or bowel.. The drama continues!

Hi everyone-I hope that you're all ok considering. πŸ’•

I havent been on here recently.

My period came 3 weeks ago and I thought the cyst and pain would go-alas no.

Last weekend I ended up seeing an out of hours doctor who was concerned by my racing pulse and low blood pressure-he gave me co-codamol to take to relive pain-and if it didn't work to go to hospital-it didn't so I did end up in A+E having blood pressure monitored and UTI tested as well as several blood tests to see how my organs are functioning-all normal. Told to follow up with GP.

One of the doctors at my surgery thought it was bowel and gave me bowel medication and my GP saw me yesterday and thinks it's the left ovary and has given me the contraceptive pill to take for 2 months straight without a break-to hopefully allow the ovary to settle down. I am in that much pain trying for a baby is not on agenda.

I have lost over a stone in 9 days. Pain only occurs when sitting or down.

I contacted my consultant who has been really supportive! He has ordered me a pelvic scan and will discuss the results with me but he thinks it's bowel related. Apparently he's seen it lots of ladies have lower left pain which turn out to be bowel. I wonder if it's the whole sresss of this situation that plays havoc on the body?

If my scan is clear and I'm still in pain have been advised to see GP for bowel investigations.

Has anyone else been in a Similiar situation like this? It has got the medics really baffled!!!! No one knows for sure where the pain is coming from. πŸ˜‚


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  • Hello Jess

    Sorry you are having a real horrible time of this journey so much recently! Sorry I have only just seen your post. I haven't really been on here much lately so sorry I haven't supported many people on here lately you being one of those people..

    Your health is more important right now and so is your wellbeing . Honestly it may do you damage if you were to continue with the chlomid. πŸ˜• Which would be horrible to read on here if anything did happen like that to you. I hope the pain eases off soon and you get some answers as to why your in so much pain

    Love and hugs πŸ€— xxx

  • Thanks for taking the time to reply. And I'm so sorry to hear about the hospital "cock up" -I can't believe not one person picked up on it till your GP rang-that's awful. Has your GP found another clinic that he can refer you to?

    As for not being able to restart clomid till April perhaps that is not such a bad thing-I get it's massively disappointing. But maybe having a break will do you both some good. Plus if you have all the miscarriage testing and say something shows up-which can be treated-you would feel gutted if you wasted a few months of clomid.

    Maybe try to do some nice things for you-and enjoy spending time with your hubby away from all this baby stuff.

    It's a different situation to you but im actually happy in a way to have a break-my body isn't firing on all cylinders right now isn't the best time to baby make. I don't to waste my last two rounds of clomid.

    I received a letter from my consultant-he's surprised me-he's actually being very supportive and is taking this seriously. Soon as he heard he booked an ultrasound up - scan under 3 weeks. I got scan letter yesterday-2nd march. Hopefully will get to the bottom of it.

    This year hasn't been kind to either one of us-it has to get better.

    Do let me know how you get on with everything. Lots of love to you too.


  • I hope the scan gives you some answers Jess it's not nice not knowing what's going on. Unfortunately I don't think there is any other clinic to go to :( so don't think testing for anything is an option :( . I sure do hope it picks up for us both soon this year can not go any more worse than it started for us both surely xx

  • If I was you I'd do my own research and find NHS clinics near me that do the testing-you definitely need testing if for nothing but to put your mind at ease-if you end up needing meds might just do the trick. You have said your GP has been supportive to you- and he is happy to refer you-maybe if you managed to find a clinic he'd happily refer you to them. I know it's a pain looking and phoning hospitals but it might pay off in the long run. Don't give up lovely 😊

    I'm sure we are both due some good luck soon x

  • Thanks jess that's what I love about this page .. everyone supports one another πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • You're most welcome lovely lady-we all need support going through this journey. It's tough.


  • Oh jess you really have been through it, you're symptoms remind me of some of mine last cycle. I really feel for you as it was such a horrible and painful time. Its not the same thing as it turned out I had an quite nasty infection following egg collection but prior to that I had ohss, lost 1.5 stones and was admitted with a suspected bowl obstruction. They put it all down to the infection but I'm guessing you've already been screened for infection?

    I really hope you start to get better soon x

  • Thank you for the lovely supportive words. I'm sorry you have had a horrid time of it too. Like going through infertility isn't hard enough hey!

    I have had some bloods done via A + E which were normal-and they tested for UTI all normal.

    Consultant has been supportive and booked me a scan-it's on the 2nd march-he's not hanging about. I suppose see what that says and if he thinks further tests are needed he can run them.

    I'm well in myself which makes it harder for medics to diagnosis!

    Hope you are ok now. ❀️

  • Sounds horrible. Whatever it is I wish you a speedy recovery x

  • Thank you tugsgirl for your kind words.

    Consultant booked the scan when he heard-it's 2nd march. Both him and my GP have been great 😊

    I hope everything is going well for you.


  • Sorry you are in pain as previously said give yourself time to recover now your health is the most important thing. Have they checked for tube blockages as I had pain on one side of ovary and had a test to show one tube slightly smaller.

  • Thanks loopylou2015 for the well wishes-definitely good to get better first-I only have two more rounds of clomid left and I'd hate to waste those last chances.

    My consultant has really got on board and is taking this seriously-after he heard from me he booked up a scan-my scan is 2nd march. And my GP has been good too.

    That is interesting to know- my tubes were looked at 3 years ago-I wonder if they can change over time. I've always had more pain with my left side over years-ended up in hospital twice with it but unlike this it's never lasted this long.

    I hope you are ok


  • Hi jess1981. So sorry that you have been suffering s again. Let's hope that the pelvic scan reveals the problem and you can get sorted. In the meantime, do try not to get constipated - "old-fashioned advice"! Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane haha will do my best not to! Lots of fibre for me!

    My scan date has come through -consultant not hanging about 2nd march. Hopefully all will be clearer then-I'm well in myself. Consultant and GP are being very supportive.


  • Hi jess1981. Great - not too long to wait now, hopefully for some clarification. Pleased that you are getting the support you so deserve. Thinking of you as always. Diane

  • Aw Jess just seen this so sorry your having to go through this after everything else. Big Hugs xxx

  • Aww thank you button-123 for the lovely well wishes.

    Consultant has amazed with how supportive and serious he has taken this-he straight away booked up a scan. I received my consultants and scan letter yesterday-he's pushed it through fast-my scan is 2nd march. πŸ‘πŸ»

    All the best with your upcoming IVF cycle-really hope it's successfull you deserve this.


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