The wait!!!😩😩😩

I can't believe we all need to wait!!! It's the worst thing not having any control in the matter. I went to work as normal the day after the transfer! Trying to get on with my life as normal even went to the forest for a workshop.... I would live a sign that my embryo is ok! I talk to it even try to connect to it... thinking positive and hoping all is good! I don't know how u all do it I still have a week to go before I can test. Has anyone tested before the given day? Also has anyone got any advice on what to do? Xx πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

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  • The 2ww is the worst part of the embryo transfer poppyjay84. Keeping yourself busy is key which you are already doing. You will see on here many people test early but my advice to you is hold off if you can as if its too early to get a true reading and you get a negative result it will stress you out and drag you down. I have been tempted myself this time but had family and friends talk some sense into me to wait. I have been the same as you trying to keep positive and talking to my embryo. All you can do is look after yourselves, rest when you need to be patient. I will keep everything crossed for you. Good luck πŸ€ xx

  • Hi Poppyjay84. It is a horrendous time the 2WW! All you can do is o try and keep busy and have a rest when you can. Do try and hold off until you have been advised to test if you can. Good luck! Diane

  • 2ww is defo the worst part. Try and hang in there for test date they give you a test date for a reason xxx

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