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Any success stories from very poor egg quality, fragmented , or odd cell numbered embryos. Trying once more but they said extremely unlikely

So I was unsuccessful with IVF in October . I'm now 38 been trying 4 years. In Oct, 13 eggs collected 8 mature, 4 fertalised, but only 2 made it to day 3, they were both at 4 cells instead of 6-8 on the morning of egg transfer. At lunch time just before egg transfer they had both gone to 7 cells, some fragmentation, both were transferred. Neither worked. Been told my egg quality is pretty much a no go but we are trying just once more. No alcohol, increased water intake,healthier eating and vitamins trying everything. Just wondered if anyone had had success after pretty much being told it's unlikely to work due to egg quality xx

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Ah sorry to hear this... I have had 3 rounds of ivf and 1 FET over past 2 years and have made it OK through all the stages and had successful transfers and twice fallen pregnant. But sadly miscarried both times. The clinic think it probably my egg quality and recommended an egg Donor. I have now changed clinics and have a suitable Donor and we are syncing for and end of February transfer. I would of course loved to use my own eggs but I had to be realistic that it probably would not happen... I feel OK with this now, but understand it's not for everyone.. Good luck on your journey ahead, lots of love xxx

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I think I will maybe look at donor if this fails again but it's just affording the donor we were told about 5-10k 😱 And I'd be scared of it not working and being so in debt I just don't think I could afford that sort of money after having to pay for this next IVF , why's everything so expensive it's not fair it's not our fault 😕

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I know, it's so unfair. I see loads moaning about having only one or two NHS rounds too, but I wasn't allowed any and been all private. It is so expensive and In UK its all add ons!! I did my 4 rounds in UK but Donor I'm going abroad to Greece. 2 scans in UK near me for lining, medication delivered to house and one trip to Greece. So far so good, they been so lovely and cheaper... Maybe you should look at that. I have a friend whom had treatment in Spain with a Donor and has boy of 8 and twin girls of 6 so she gave me lots of hope. Good luck to you xxxx


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