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Hello all!

I supposed to have an appointment before ET last Mon but I was told that some unexpected circumstances occurred and the meeting is today instead. Well, I arrived in Kiev yesterday afternoon and today in an hour I have to be in a clinic. I'm so excited! And as my husband stayed at home I feel a bit lonely and need a little support!

Unfortunately, I can't login to my email, it was locked and I don't receive a validation code...just in time. I know there must be a mail from clinic with information about egg retrieval!! It's day 3 now! i hope they are great!!

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Hi minerva17. Just hoping that all went with your ET. Safe journey back home. Thinking of you. Diane


Congrats on your progress with the treatment! It must be weird to be ready to have ET not even knowing about your egg donor's ec results! You're definitely patient person. if I were you I would call them untill they tell me all info about egg retrival.

Anyway, wish you luck! Keep us updated!

P.S. It seems to me I've already seen your nickname somewhere..


Very inviting title of the thread : ) but here is a silence only and no updates. I know that you probably have forgotten about it, and made new one for reporting. But I was a bit scared of long absence of the new messages. I could think that everything did not go well and you are fully upset with failure, I worried. I didn’t know how your journey was. But I’ve found new updates on the other page.


Yes, I just had other things to do in Kiew, so had no time for forums. hopefully, i'm still thinking positive although its bfn now. but it's my fault, thought it would be known for sure earlier haha


You see, everything has its time, my dear. You can’t be blamed for that because it’s too difficult to find a spare time for diary while you are having so serious deal with your health. Don’t hurry up.

Bytheway bfn is not a verdict, when you notice it in few days after transf. Good luck!


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