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Brown blood every day

Hi all

I had a coil fitted 3 months ago while having a lap to remove a cyst in my overy, during the lap they found I have severe endo stage 4 which explains my severe pain I had been getting so they fitted the coil to help ease my periods and pain and I have also been put on zolodex about to have my 3rd injection and I'm also taking livia now to help with the hot flushes which it is helping, pain almost completely gone and hot flushes a lot better, but I'm still losing brown blood/discharge on a daily basis. I thought this would of stopped by now seeing as the zolodex has put my body in a temporary menopause. Has anyone else had this please is it normal or should I contact my consultant??

Thank you

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Hi Missyclairej. Yes, I would pop and see your GP or consultant for his/her advice. I would have thought that all would have settled down by now, but it maybe that the coil is irritating your lining. Brown blood is old blood so hopefully nothing to worry about, but best to get checked out. Good luck! Diane


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