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It's been around 2 month I was looking for a good clinic. Now a little updates of my research.

So we contacted one clinic in europe, namely in kiev.

We had a nice conversation with the consultant and she gave us information about place we want to go.

We sent several documents that approved my health state and were recommended to the surrogacy program.

Wish me good luck because on Monday we'll go there. For our fist counsultation, hope everything will be ok

my fingers crossed

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Hi Lainnie33. So good to hear that you have a found a clinic you feel comfortable with. Just wanted to wish you HUGE luck and success as you travel to the clinic on Monday. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you very much for your support and great words. Hope my fly to ukraine will be safe and without any problems.

and we will be there around 8, wish our driver speak english and could find us easily.


oops, I've already answered you in my previous post. Yes, we've been in Ukraine. Seemed to me it's very good clinic and we are satisfied with their services. As soon as I will have any news about our surrogate I will write here. We just saw the donor database and were surprised of the variety of health donors there. healthunlocked.com/fertilit... my last post, in case yu want to see my updates

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Congrats! You have done a lot and now deserve to rest a bit, there are a lot of important things waiting for you in the future so take your time and feel a bit more relieved as with the clinic you have also found someone who will be helping you all the way of your program and treatment!


Congrats and good luck!



thank you very much. It means a lot to me.

A month ago we have signed the contract. Next step is a suitable surrogate. And beginning of stimulation. I won't take any part tin this because my body doesn't produce eggs. And I can't be stimulated in any case. It's quite a hard thing.

Being an infertile and young is a nightmare. My perception of the world around has changed many times ago. The one thing I want is to feel the true happiness of motherhood.


well we are in the same boat, as my reproductive system is no longer active and given the surgery I have been through... well... we are surrogacy buddies even though I am almost at 12 weeks success point!

I am sure you haven't had it easy.. I wish you to find more peace in your soul.. as I have managed to do so!

How long will you be waiting for your surrogate? Ours was matched in a month or something. but that month felt like the eternity!

You will be a mother, I am not the one who has to give you guarantees but life won't keep you out of this happiness for the whole life!!


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