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Egg Collection done, 20 eggs collected


Hi I had my egg collection yesterday and got 20 eggs. Got a call this morning to say that 16 out of the 20 eggs have fertilised. Unfortunately due to the number of eggs collected, they will not be able to do a transfer due to the risk of OHSS. A bit gutted but understand the risk of miscarriage is too high if I have a fresh transfer. Does anyone know how long a medicated FET takes ?


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Hi Ditsy.

I had EC of 25 eggs on the 10th of August then had a 'freeze all' due to OHSS. I had a medicated FET as soon as they would let me and was gutted at how long it all took and at how many more meds there were. I don't know if you have a funded cycle but I didn't and I wasn't prepared for the extra £1,800 I had to pay the clinic.

However, it felt pretty fast in reality and I realised that I needed that time to feel ready for the FET. I had to wait for AF, then take the pill, then started injecting, taking oestrogen and progesterone again. It was all planned out well in advance and I had my FET on the 16th of November so just over three months later. And it worked! So hang in there. It felt like it was going to be forever but actually it was fine and I'm really glad now that my body had time to recover. Good luck! Xx

ditsy999 in reply to Jellybeenz

Hi, thanks for your reply. I actually paid for a multicycle through the Access Fertility program, so have the cost for freezing any embryos included in the price. I am self funded, so it made sense to do this. I get its probably best to wait, so want it so badly, but I get it. Looking forward to starting my FET cycle in a few months x

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to ditsy999

Hi ditsy999. Of course this is not what you expect to happen, but believe me it does happen more than you know! You need to get fully recovered before your FET, which should be around 2-3 months time. Your little embies will be OK stored frozen, waiting, so do not worry about them, as great care will have been taken in storing them. Drink plenty of water and get better soon. All the best when FET time comes - and of course for success. Thinking of you. Diane

ditsy999 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank-you Diane x

lorraineb61 in reply to ditsy999

Hi Ditsy, we are self funded too but naively paid for the 1st cycle in the belief that it would work!!! I have seen literature for Access Fertility- do you think it is worth it? X

ditsy999 in reply to lorraineb61

Hi Lorraine,

In my case its been totally worth it. I had a ICSI cycle in January but couldn't have a fresh transfer due to OHSS. So had my FET in April, got a positive result. However a couple of days ago went for my 7 week scan and there was no heart beat. So will have a miscarriage soon. Although I am devastated, we have 3 more frosties to use up. So because I did the 2 multicycle with 50% refund, all FET's are included in the price. If they are all unsuccessful, then I still have my 2nd fresh cycle to go through again. I think its hard to make a decision because you don't know if you will have embryos that you can freeze, but I think its worth it because you are covered for 2 x fresh cycles. I had a look at other places but their success was when the baby reached 24 weeks. I didnt want to start a program unless it classed a live birth as a success. sorry Im waffling on, but don't hesitate to message me if you have any other questions. All being said, you could get pregnant on your first cycle and overpay, but it was a risk I wasn't willing to take as I had already had a failed ICSI cycle on the NHS. I hope that helps x

Hi Ditsy,

I'll be finding out this afternoon whether we'll need to freeze all due to ohss. I've got 26 follies looking mature enough for EC on Monday (with another 10 or so taking up room as well) and I was advised this morning that it would be a wait of 2 months for me.

Hope that helps and hope you're feeling ok

ditsy999 in reply to Busybee88

Thank you . .hopefully some of these will develop to good enough quality to freeze . .fingers crossed . . .good luck with your egg collection x

Wow Ditsy!!! That's amazing news!!! I know you must be disappointed with the delay but how amazing is that result?! Hope you don't have to wait too long for your FET x x x

ditsy999 in reply to MommaBear16

I know some are progressing well . .I will find out today/tomorrow if/how many make it to blast . . hope you're progressing well with your cycle x

Hi all, just a quick update, I now have 5 x 5day blasts frozen ready for transfer in a couple of months. I'm very grateful to have got this far and wish you all well with your journeys xx

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