No response from clinic. 😫

Hi ladies and gents.

I have heard nothing from anyone over my scan- I am wanting the consultant to give me some faith-but again I'm left feeling unsupported.

I feel like no one understands-even my mum is making me feel like I'm a irritational and hormonal lunatic.

What she sees as a small blip I see as huge. They gave me clomid-didn't monitor it and when I had a bad reaction they were not interested. The only one who cared was my GP.

I am not medical so it's hard for me to understand the scan results and what they mean.

All I know is I have a 3.3 cm corpus luteum cyst on my left ovary and my left ovary volume is 23.295 cc. Do I just assume it'll go away on its own? I have had a very heavy and painful period this cycle. But I'm still getting pain from my ovaries-the left one is worst. Will this all settle down? Am I just worrying over nothing? Any advice is most welcome. X

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  • Hey Hun I'm sorry you have been having a hard time. I have a 6cm cyst on my right ovary and it's the same as yours as while I had my ivf it was leaking. I was told it goes away by itself but for my next ivf cycle they will want to aspirate it. Iv been told it's harmless and it occurs after ovulation. I would probably make a doc appointment and see if they can aspirate it. Hope your ok xx

  • Thank you for replying lovely.

    Sorry for late reply-had such a bad cold this week.

    I saw a nurse practioner today-over the ovary pain I'm getting still. She was brilliant- told me if I'm stil having pain in left ovary I need to come back next week and see a doctor-if it gets worse then come back sooner.

    I needed that reassurance -I feel much better knowing it's been taking seriously.

    My GP is amazing-he's been so supportive to me over the years. I'm lucky I've got such a good doctors surgery-my clinic are very uninterested👎🏻

    How is everything going with you? I hope you are ok.


  • Hi Hun

    Sorry I have been on and off page I've had a lot to deal with at home .. 😫

    Although other people may see it as a minor issue to us it's a big deal because it's such a long and frustrating journey .. it is normally really difficult for family members to understand and difficult for them to help when they just don't understand something. Fertility really is complex as I've come to find out over the months off chlomid ..

    I had a large cyst on my right ovary which was forever causing me severe pain in my lower abdomen I always thought it was like continuous period pain it was horrible .. It was removed when I had my laprsacopy and dye test. It hadn't been planned for it to be removed but i am glad they did.

    In regards to the clinic they really should be keeping a closer eye on you if you have had a bad re action to the chlomid .. that's poor practice and your gp should follow that up with the clinic .. the clinic has a duty of care towards you . Xx

  • Thanks for the support romaluna2015. ❤️

  • Your more than welcome Jess 💕

  • Hi jess1981. Oh my poor girl! I'm surprised that no one has been in touch. A corpus luteum is the "crater" from want of a better term, that is left after you have ovulated, once the developing follicle has ruptured. So at least you know that you did ovulate this time round. I feel sure your pain will settle down again. Just have a rest when you can and some paracetamol. No anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen for now. Hope someone soon gets in touch with you. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane for your advice.

    I have seen the nurse practioner at my surgery today who has been great. She has told me to rest and take paracetamol- and if I'm still getting pain in my left ovary next week I need to see a doctor-if if gets worse come back sooner. I am hoping it will just settle down😊

    Thank you for your medical insight to my scan report-it is very kind,reassuring and helpful 😊

    Still no word from my clinic over it but it's nothing new. 🙄

    I'm very lucky that my doctors surgery is full of great nurses and doctors. I know people are quick to critize the NHS but I can't fault the care I have received from the nurses and doctors there. My GP in particular has been very good to me. 😃

    With this site and them I don't need my clinic to support me. 😘


  • Hi jess1981. That's good advice. Remember no Ibuprofen or similar anti-inflammatories. Let's hope all settles down without any intervention. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Sorry to read this sucks!

    But you are definitely not alone. This is the place to be a 'hormonal lunatic' if you need to, goodness knows we all have our days!!

    Hope you will be feeling more comfortable soon xx

  • Thanks! Haha I will remember that!! You may regret encouraging me hahaha 😂

    I have seen my practioner nurse today to get reassurance. She was lovely. I have been told to come back and see a doctor next week if I'm not any better-and sooner if it gets worse. Hopefully it'll clear up-but I have back up plan 👍🏻

    I am lucky that I have got a very supportive doctors surgery. My GP has been really supportive 😊Which is just as well as my clinic haven't been the best...

    How is everything with you?


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