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I'm going to start my first IVF cycle

Hello all! I'm going to have my first IVF round just in a few days. the second appointment is on Mon 23...i've already had scan to check if my endometrium is ready and it's 11mm now. I'm so happy that everything is going as it might be.

My egg donor is gorgeous, she is tall, has dark hair and brown eyes :-) She's having her EC today and I'm nervous about it, hope we'll have enough great embies. Ladies, wish you all the best x

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hi, that' great. My congrats to you. Wish I could start my treatment on Monday. I've just contacted one clinic and waiting for response.

Wish you good luck and my fingers crossed XX


I suppose You’ve done it. But you didn’t continue this post and created a new one.

It’s your right but it was better to leave the link here for readers. so we can find your updates faster.

Anyway I want you be happy and have a positive result in the end. Good luck, honey!


Yes, you've already commented my new post haha. I decided that it's better to start a new one. It's easy to find all the posts of any person. You are new here, so maybe don't know. However, your remark makes sense and I edited original post.

Best wishes, hon...thank you!


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