Dilemma here 🐶

We (DH & I) finally were up to listening to what went wrong at our 1st ICSI treatment so I booked the follow up appointment. Don't forget we are already talking to a private clinic in london (I'll call this new clinic for clarity).

At the follow up, I asked the consultant what happened to the embryo, why did it died before transfer and he said "it was a good quality, not sure why it died to be honest, maybe because of your endometriosis". He further carried on to say how he will change my meds this time and increase dosage and advise we give it another shot with my eggs. I don't have much faith in this clinic (maybe because of our 1st attempt plus it's the same nonchalant staff that attended to us when we had the 1st cycle that will attend to us now that we are paying so I feel I'll get the same treatment). DH prefers this one since we are familiar with how they do things, they are closer to home and they are £2k cheaper than the London clinic.

I prefer the London clinic just because the consultant sounded thorough when I told him I may have hydrosalpinx,he said I should get it checked up and fixed before we start. Whereas the old clinic want us to start asap saying I don't have hydrosalpinx and that if I did they would have seen it in the scan the 1st time (gosh! I thought it is detected only by HSG not scan).

What are your thoughts please?

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  • It's so hard I would say go with your gut, we moved from our NHS clinic to a private one as we are now self funding and I was glad as it felt like a fresh start and the treatment is more tailed to our needs x x

  • it's hard isn't it? Thanks Button-123 I just want everything to be right this time 😇. All the best with yours xx

  • I would go where you feel most comfortable, it's an emotional rollercoaster at the best of times and you need to feel happy at your clinic. What clinic are you looking at in London? We stayed with ours as I just felt so supported, and they are very personable, which for me when I'm feeling a bit madhas been vital!

    Good luck xx

  • Yes it's very important but i don't know anyone at the new clinic (Lister Fertility Clinic). We have actually registered and had one consultation and ultrasound with them already. I was also happy to go with them as at December but DH isn't. I think I got confused after our follow up with the old clinic on Tuesday :(

  • It's tricky, maybe do a bit more research into other clinics and see if one suits you both? xx

  • I had a hydrosalpinx on my left tube, which they suspected when doing an ultrasound but the HSG CONFIRMED it.... I would push to get the HSG. Not a pleasant experience if you do have a damaged tube, mine was extremely painful as the tube went into spasm but at least we got the confirmation. 2.5 years down the line I have had the tube removed, a further surgery to remove endometriosis and adhesions, been through one ICSI cycle which ended in early mc and getting ready to start treatment for FET. Go with what your gut is telling you in terms of which clinic to use, but I certainly wouldn't waste your money until the hydro is ruled out, as they can stop embryos implanting property... hope this helps, best wishes for your treatment xxxx

  • Thanks alot and much appreciated. Sorry to hear that you had a painful experience. I would definitely get my tubes checked out as my last lap the surgeon said something about hydrosalpinx. I think I will definitely go with the new clinic if I truly have hydrosalpinx on both tubes and my old clinic carrried on with our 1st ICSI. I have an appointment with the doctor on the 31st of this month so I will know for sure then. Mine must have been caused by endo too as my insde was twisted in the photos I saw.

  • Aw well I hope you get it sorted soon, good luck for the next steps I your treatment xx

  • I have had both tubes removed due to hydros, maybe why was miscarrying or having ectopics. I was told you can rarely see them on an ultrasound unless they are big, however I was rushed in with severe pain which felt like an ectopic but knew I wasn't pregnant. When they scanned me my right tube was clearly visible and looked like a huge sausage with the amount of fluid it it!! I then went 3wks later for my nk biopsy of which they did an internal and saw fluid in my left tube! Referred to fertility clinic who said they would need to remove both tubes before proceeding as hydros reduce ivf success as the theory is the fluid comes down from the tube into the womb and flushes embryo away. They were going to considering tying my left but on doing the op it was clear both needed to be removed, they also discovered a 5cm cyst growing off my right tube! Its hard knowing I will never get naturally pregnant again and who knows if that's the reason why I kept miscarrying, but my 1st ivf cycle ended in chemical and thats without my tubes! NHS procedure is to have them removed first but private prob won't have the same guidelines x

  • Yes that's what the new consultant told me. He blatantly refused to go ahead until we have an all clear on hydrosalpinx. I will get my tubes checked out and probably removed if need be, thanks & sorry to hear about your experience x

  • Happy to be able to advise. Def get them checked. I had a consultantion with one of the professors at Tommys who strongly advised me to have them both removed. Times not on my side so didn't really have an option especially if wanting ivf. Good luck for your future x

  • You can see a hydrosalpinx on scan they show up beautifully.

    Go with you heart. Choose where you feel most comfortable- that's psychologically preparing you for success.

  • Oh so the clinic must be telling the truth then. Thanks happyapples x

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