Clomid advice needed ?

Hi ladies. I have been doing a bit of reading and come across some info that Clomid can be prescribed for men with low sperm count/motility. Is this true ? Anybody husbands/partners used it for these reasons? Just asking because my husband has never been offered it to try and help with our ttc journey. Any info would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • I wish there was more that could be done about low sperm/motility. It would be great if there was something men could use. It's such an unexplained thing isn't it? X

  • Hi daydreamer I can't comment on the clomid but saw your post and thought I'd share our experience. My husband had low sperm count, so we read a lot about how to improve it. For three months he took fertislan m (bought from the internet), iron tablets, Q10 tablets, omega 3,6 and 9 and antioxidant and his count went from 5.5million to 30 million. We were amazed. He also ate nuts high in vitamin e and lots of green veg. It certainly worked for us, good luck x

  • ToniBrowne thank you for your comment hubby has ordered fertilsan we waiting for them to arrive. He is taking spirilina and zinc atm aswell and is eating plenty of nuts and on a high protein diet. No fizzy pops just water /squash and has totally cut out tea which i am so proud of him for doing. That's an amazing improvement with his count. Gives me so much hope that it will improve his count aswell..thank you xx

  • Tara2016 it's so annoying that they just simply go "oh you have a low count" no advice how he can help change this or anything 😠 only through research have we found sound tips and advice x

  • They try and put a positive spin on it because they don't understand why the sperm is low etc. Even with ICSI I conceived but then miscarried yet there are no issues that I am aware of about my fertility and I feel it was a genetic issue with the sperm but this would cost thousands on top of IVF to explore. I'm praying for a miracle this year x

  • We have been offered a chromosome abnormality and genetic testing and I'm sure it was Β£500 for the tests hun. U sound very similar to our situation fingers crossed for you both xx

  • Oh that's not too bad. I think the testing at our clinic was more but will look again. Fingers crossed for you too hun x

  • Hi daydreamer89. As far as I know, some clinicians have used Clomid for men, who have gone to have a slight increase in sperm production. However, they are often left with problems of motility (swimming) and morphology (shape), so that the end result can still require him to have IVF with ICSI. I think you would be best guided by your consultant, or even speak to an andrologist for his/her comments. Good luck with whatever is eventually decided - and of course, for success. Diane

  • Thank you DianeArnold xx

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