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Worried about early scans

Hi everyone, I don't post very often on here but I am really struggling at the moment so just looking for some reassurance or advice. We finally got a BFP after our second fresh icsi cycle on Boxing Day. It is the first time I have ever been pregnant so I was so happy that I actually could get pregnant! Since then we have been for our 6 week scan which showed a pregnancy sac but not much else so we had a long wait for our 7 week scan to see if there was any development. Thankfully yesterday we did see a yolk sac and fetal pole but no heartbeat was confirmed so we have to go back again next week. I'm just an emotional wreck now really as I am worried it is just not developing ok and feel ill at what we might have to face next week. I am probably being far too sensitive but it's just so hard!! I have heard people who get pregnant after fertility treatment say they cannot enjoy pregnancy for constant worry and I am seeing why! It's so crazy that we know so much early on that most pregnant women would never know.......

Anyway I should be thankful that I can actually get pregnant which was a huge step forward for us so something to hold onto I guess....



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Good luck at your next scan 🍀🍀🍀


I'm pretty sure a strong heartbeat isn't found usually until about 8 weeks and above? So don't worry too much just yet. The little bean has grown a bit which is a good sign :) good luck at your next scan x


Good luck for your next scan, sending positive vibes x


Hi jojones86. I think that you have to hold on t the fact that there was some development with the last scan. A total nightmare, it must be for you both. Sending you HUGE luck that the next scan has more positive news. Thinking of you. Diane


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