Well that's cycle one stopped :'(

After our first actions can showing few follicles we were upped form 150 to 225 Gonal-f and had another scan today to check progress. There has been no real improvement so the doctor decided its best to stop this cycle and start again in a few months time. I feel like I'm failing as a human it makes me think all this time the problem is I don't ovulate properly or at all so its my fault we cant have kids. Hopefully round 2 goes better, she said they would likely start me on the top dose and see what happens. I no first cycle can be classed as diagnostic as well but it still sucks!!

Good luck to everyone else who is on a cycle atm got everything crossed for you all xxx

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  • I had my first cycle stopped after the exact same doses as you. I felt a failure for not even making it to egg collection but the first cycle is just finding out what works. On my second cycle I took 300 and nearly over-stimulated but got a BFP. x

  • Thank you for your reply :-) that gives me hope. I'm glad we get a few months to process what's going on but its hard. I feel like I've let my husband down but hopefully round 2 gives better results. xx

  • HI CE_18_14. Obviously so sorry to read this, but as you say the specialists will have learnt much about you during this failed cycle, and hopefully can fine-tune your next one to suit you better. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Sorry that you stopped the cycle. I had the same and know how you feel. But you should be positive and don't think about bad consequences. If your doctor sad so he knew more than you. And next time he'll make his best. I wish you to reach what you want and be healthy.

    Hugs and kisses

  • i didnt get mine stopped but they only got one egg and it was the one far to young to do anything with. i still dont fully know what went on but hopefully get answers at my appointment tomorrow which ive waited from September to have. fingerd crossed for next time. we just have to keep moving forward.

  • Sorry to hear that your cycle has been stopped, it must be so disappointing! However they will be able to make tweaks this time around that should hopefully lead to a more successful attempt. I had a rubbish first cycle where nothing seemed to go to plan and it had the worst results, all of our embryos died. I kind of wish that our first cycle had been cancelled instead of going through the entire thing. Fingers crossed for your next round!!xx

  • Sorry to hear this, especially as you have done so many injections already. I suppose at least they can up your dose. They may do the same as me- start with max dose on the short protocol. I have no scans until after 11 days of stims so in the unknown at the moment. Take care of yourself.xx

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